About Us

Looking for a fresh spin on the Geometry Dash experience? Enter Geometry Free, a rhythm-based game that will have you experiencing the thrill of the dash!

Geometry Free invites you on an extreme adventure with rhythm-based gameplay deeply inspired by Geometry Dash. This well-known game that takes the community by storm still retains the thrill and excitement in every jump you make. Additionally, the unique creativity in this challenge will make your rounds never boring. Get ready for an arduous journey through a series of obstacles and tricky terrain! You will be accompanied by a little, but tenacious, cube. The rugged design of the platforms and hazards make each character's jump more spectacular than ever.

During rounds of Geometry Free, you will face spikes, walls, platforms, and other complex terrain. You can only control the character to move forward and try at all costs to overcome these obstacles to reach the finish line. The challenge requires sharp reactions and the ability to press keys with absolute precision. If you are a fan of the Geometry Dash community, then this is definitely a game not to miss. With unique gameplay and new designs, you will experience maps that are both familiar and creative. Let’s show off your skills and reach the end of each round! Don't worry if you are new to this unique gameplay because the game has many different levels. From easy to demon, you take turns conquering them and becoming a master!