Geometry Dash

Geometry Free


Looking for a fresh spin on the Geometry Dash experience? Enter Geometry Free, a rhythm-based game that will have you experiencing the thrill of the dash!

Geometry Dash's New Inspired Game: Geometry Free 

Geometry Free invites you on an extreme adventure with rhythm-based gameplay deeply inspired by Geometry Dash. This well-known game that takes the community by storm still retains the thrill and excitement in every jump you make. Additionally, the unique creativity in this challenge will make your rounds never boring. Get ready for an arduous journey through a series of obstacles and tricky terrain! You will be accompanied by a little, but tenacious, cube. The rugged design of the platforms and hazards make each character's jump more spectacular than ever.

During rounds of Geometry Free, you will face spikes, walls, platforms, and other complex terrain. You can only control the character to move forward and try at all costs to overcome these obstacles to reach the finish line. The challenge requires sharp reactions and the ability to press keys with absolute precision. If you are a fan of the Geometry Dash community, then this is definitely a game not to miss. With unique gameplay and new designs, you will experience maps that are both familiar and creative. Let’s show off your skills and reach the end of each round! Don't worry if you are new to this unique gameplay because the game has many different levels. From easy to demon, you take turns conquering them and becoming a master!

The Marvelous Level List

The arrangement in order of increasing difficulty in the main menu of Geometry Free will help players clearly determine the level of each round. These outstanding adventures include:

  • Easy Levels: Stereo Dash (1⭐) and Let's go! (2⭐)
  • Normal Levels: Gravitational (3⭐) and Drought (4⭐)
  • Hard Levels: Step After Step (5⭐) and Never Give Up (6⭐)
  • Harder Levels: Step Jump (7⭐), Teleporter (8⭐), and Cyclestep (9⭐)
  • Insane Level: xAdventures (10⭐)

The number of stars in each round is the bonus point you will receive when you complete conquering that map. Over and above, the excitement won't stop there because levels with incredible difficulty will be updated in the near future. Let's look forward to it!

In addition, there are some extremely important notes about character shapes and portals that appear during your overwhelming journey. So, you need to clarify these details for the best preparation!

The Character's Flexible Shapes

Like Geometry Dash, the main character in Geometry Free also has eight different states. Depending on each state, the small cube has its own unique motion properties. Therefore, understanding these differences is necessary to have appropriate controls.

The state of the character consists of two main forms: jumping and flying.

The jumping forms

The flying forms

Cube: This is the original state, with the green transition portal.

Ship: Movement tends to go down if no key is pressed, and has a pink transforming portal.

Ball: Sticky sliding feature on both sides of the terrain, with the red transforming portal.

UFO: Moves in space with continuous short jumps (like Flappy Bird gameplay) and has an orange transition portal.

Robot: Light jumps and has the white transition portal.

Wave: Moves in a zigzag direction, with the blue transforming portal.

Spider: Concussive jumps, with the purple-transforming portal.

Swing: This state will move slowly in the opposite direction of gravity, with the yellow transition portal.

Besides the transition portal, in the game rounds, there are also a number of other portals with their own functions.

Types of Portals with Different Features

  • Form portals: This is the most popular type and also has the most variety of colors. These portals have a gate shape with thick borders that have some highlights and colors depending on the shape of the character.
  • Gravity portals: This type has a gate shape with thin edges; they will reverse the character's gravity when moving through.
  • Size portals: This object has a portal-like appearance with two bright spots at both ends. They will change the size of the cube, often appearing at the beginning of narrow passages.
  • Mirror portals: This entity has the form of three consecutive portals, from large to small. They will cause the main direction of movement to change in the opposite direction.
  • Dual portals: They have a triangular shape and cause the character to split into two objects.
  • Teleportation portals: They will make your cube switch positions from one point to another in the blink of an eye.

Explore the Charming Signature Features

Geometry Free, with its attractive and addictive gameplay like Geometry Dash, will bring unprecedented experiences to any player. So, what outstanding features does this game have that make it a challenge worth trying?

  • Rhythm-based gameplay: This is the most outstanding feature that has made this game a trend for a long time. There are no signs of cooling down. The vibrant background music will make your adventure feel more empowered. Master the beat of rhythm, and you will become a professional dasher! Do you believe it?
  • New design in familiar gameplay: If you are a loyal player of Geometry Dash, it will not be difficult to recognize the innovations in Geometry Free. Objects with vibrant neon colors appearing in each map will refresh your impressive journeys.
  • Two game modes: The Normal mode is the main mode, and rewards will only appear when you complete rounds. In this mode, if a collision occurs, your round will start over from the beginning. Meanwhile, with the Practice mode, you can practice with consecutive checkpoints. This feature helps you shorten the time to explore the terrain and have reasonable strategies for main rounds in normal mode.
  • Diverse difficulty levels: Players of all levels, from geniuses to beginners, can find harmony in this game. With difficulty ranging from basic to nearly unbeatable, you can choose your round without any unlock conditions.
  • Secret coins: In each level of this game, there are 3 secret coins. The location of this item is in places that require mastery of skill. However, it is not mandatory to collect them. Always remember that the most important target is to complete the level!

Time to Dash into Action!

To control a cube in Geometry Free, you only need the mouse button or spacebar.

  • Click or press the spacebar to jump.
  • Hold down the left-click button or the spacebar to multi-jump.

Note that each character's status will have different movement properties. Your keyboarding skills can only improve with regular practice and gradually becoming proficient. This is the significant key to every achievement and victory. Whatever method can make the round more effective, don't hesitate to diversify your strategies and give it a try!

Some Tips to Master Your Control

  • Always try in the Practice mode first. To have a useful experience, players should memorize the terrain and figure out how to overcome some difficult sections.
  • You can use the music to press the keys exactly according to the beat, or if the rhythm distracts you, you can completely turn it off and have your own strategy.
  • Counting the rhythm of keystrokes is also a way for you to try in segments with consecutive obstacles.
  • Only use the sequential jump command when the destinations are evenly spaced. Holding down the key can easily cause missed beats (missing or redundant steps). Therefore, if it is not necessary, you should limit character navigation with this method.
  • Try different strategies to refresh or improve failed gameplay. You can also refer to the rounds of more pro Dashers and learn from them.

Adventure through the Universe of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash's popularity in the gaming community in general and the rhythm platform in particular is no longer surprising. From that great inspiration, the birth of Geometry Free is like a new chapter with unique experiences and innovative complementary designs. Moreover, if you want to explore many similar games, you can consider the most popular three: Geometry Dash World, SubZero, and Meltdown. Each game has its own concept that makes you always enjoy its diversity and novelty.

Furthermore, to make the adventures even more overwhelming, gamers can try their hand at user levels. The games are created by Dashers in the community, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to demon. Compared to the rounds in Geometry Free, these entertainment options will include easier rounds like Geometry Dash Bloodlust or challenges with sky-high difficulty like Slaughterhouse, Bloodbath, and more. Your discoveries in this universe are infinite! Master the buttons with amazing reflexes and pixel-precise alignment to conquer these awkward maps right away!