Geometry Dash Soothe


Geometry Dash Soothe is a fun arcade game that promises to bring players exciting experiences when controlling a cube that dances to the beat of music.

Style play

Players in Geometry Dash Soothe will start playing the game once a sound is heard. Listen to the music and melody to dance to the rhythm and background. Note the sharp spikes all around.

After a while, the cube will transform into a ship screen, the player will control this ship to fly along in the air in the middle of the corridor of columns and platforms. However, there are climbs in front of some of the pillars so you don't need to worry about them.

Finally, the game returns you to the same cube shape as you did in the beginning. But now there is a difference: the structure of the level is a bit different and in the middle of the level there is a miniature gate. Then there's the time when UFO sightings stop. Though a little harder because of the increased use of traps, it is comparable to the ship's levels in certain ways. We come to an empty hallway at the end between two platforms. Play now!

Tips to get the coin

  • You must descend 36% from the platform to the floor in order to get the first coin, after which you will ascend.
  • You must get 82% of the coin at the UFO stage, then drop to the ground to claim the second coin. But use caution! Ultimately, the coin is above the saw.
  • If you are successful in collecting 44% more potions between the pillars, you will find the third coin at 97% at the end of the last tunnel.

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