Wheely 5


Wheely 5, the sequel to the free game that made a lot of people happy, is a fun and interesting game.
As is the case with the previous games in the well-known series, your objective in this game is to enable Wheely to overcome all of the challenges that stand in his way by resolving riddles, hitting buttons, and pulling levers. There will be a variety of problems for you to solve at each level. Even though they might appear to be challenging to solve, if you put in the effort, you will be able to unravel the secrets. It is possible to hit certain buttons to find out what happens, however, there are instances when doing so will leave you trapped in a level. Simply using the left mouse button to click on a button or pull a lever is all that is required to activate it or perform the action. If you click on Wheely, he will start moving about. It is sufficient to click on him one more to get him to quit.
Let us engage in a game.

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