Geometry Dash Dance Massacre


Geometry Dash Dance Massacre with Hard Demon's difficulty level gives players a captivating experience in both sound and image.

Geometry Dash Dance Massacre will begin with the player controlling a moving cube and jumping over obstacles such as spikes. After a while it will transform and change images continuously and take players to many different challenges. You must be calm to bring it back to the destination safely and collect all 3 coins along the way.

How to get the coin

  • When you have to maneuver the spacecraft through a small opening between several spikes and the level's ceiling at 11%, you'll find the first coin.
  • In order to get the second coin, which is positioned at 62%, you must slightly hop rather than hold in order to strike the ball. A portal returns the player's gravity to the level's standard course when that little hop is executed appropriately.
  • The third coin lies at 82%, formerly 81%. To get the coin and return to the level's finish, you must leap rather than descend and go normally.

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