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About Geometry Dash Hold On

Many people enjoy playing the free top-level arcade game Geometry Dash Hold On because it is so much fun.
In this video game, it is up to you to overcome all of the obstacles that stand in your way and make it to the end without getting hurt.
Let's get a game going here. You may direct the movement of the block by providing input in the form of a press or a hold, and the objective of the game is to reach the level's finish point. Press [up] [w] [space] or click to jump, and press [up] [space] or click to leap on yellow rings. This will help you avoid obstacles along the path.
Steer clear of the spikes by pressing and holding in ship mode to ascend, then releasing the button to descend.
To increase your height, jump on a yellow pad; to increase it further, hop on a blue pad (missing a gravity portal)
Collecting the coins will get you some additional points; press L to toggle the effects (to reduce lag).
Let's get a game going here.

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