Geometry Dash Levels 14-15


The much-loved arcade game, Geometry Dash, has reached a new level, and players can now go through levels 14 and 15.
In this game, your objective is to complete each level and proceed through the portal that is located at the conclusion of each level. Even though the game can be a little challenging at times, the controls are not overly complicated. You just need to left click to jump whenever you see an obstacle on the way. Be wary of the spiky wheel, the square, and any and all of the other obstacles that are waiting to prevent you from completing each level. They are all out to stop you. You have to react fast and jump at the right time to continue playing this game otherwise you will have to start from the beginning. Club step is more difficult than its predecessors because it requires more sophisticated actions to be performed in a smaller space and gives dancers less time to react, which is made even more challenging by the presence of deceptive barriers. The Club step includes potentially confusing fake spikes, fading spikes, and fading blocks. It is common practice to blend fading pulses with false pulses in order to make them more difficult to detect. You can play as new characters if you gather the stars that you find along the journey.
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