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The follow-up to the free-running arcade game, with levels 9–13, is called Geometric Dash.
You will need to take control of a geometric shape and navigate your way through a number of perilous situations in order to win this game. Geometry Dash's "Cycles" level is the ninth and last one under the Harder difficulty setting and is also the ninth level overall. If it is met, the difficulty rating may increase to a maximum of 9 stars. By using spacers, rings, and gravity gates when using cycles, players can assume the shape of a ball. They can now move across the map more easily thanks to this. This series frequently presents the player with absurd combinations of three spikes, three pads, or three jump hoops that can go horribly wrong. In actuality, it occurs rather regularly. the first roadblock to advancement It's possible that gravity will behave in a ship in a somewhat different manner. The only stages in practice mode that provide you with an icon after passing them are the Cycles, xStep, and Club steps. If you don't react quickly and leap at the right moment, you will not be able to move on in this game and will have to start again from the very beginning. You can play as new characters in the game if you collect the stars you come across along the route.
Let's compete against each other to determine who wins this game.

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