Bike Jump


Bike Jump is a fun and visually appealing free game that provides amusement that a lot of people enjoy playing.
In this game, it is up to you to complete each level by bringing your driver across the finish line at the end of each track. You will begin the game perched atop a massive ramp. From there, you will move down the ramp as the game progresses. To proceed forward, press the W key on your keyboard or click the left mouse button. Maintain constant button presses in order to increase your speed. When you approach the bottom of the ramp, you should let off the button immediately before you make your jump. Repeatedly clicking the button while you are in the air will cause you to leap off of your bike. Don't be discouraged if, on your first attempt, you are unable to do what you set out to do! You will accumulate coins as you progress through each attempt. They are useful for improving your statistics and may be used in a variety of ways.
Let's put some fun into it and play a game.

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