Super Friday Night vs Beast Guy


Show off your agility in Super Friday Night vs Beast Guy to conquer the icon keys on the screen and get the highest score possible.

In Super Friday Night vs Beast Guy, hitting the keys at the right moment to finish each level is your goal. Although at first everything seems simple, get ready. All twelve of the levels—six apart from the first—are unlocked. Levels that are already accessible may be unlocked. At the beginning, the screen will have arrow keys that slide up from the bottom. You may use your keyboard's matching arrow key to move them to the top of the screen. Points may be earned by timing your strike to the right, and the bottom progress meter will show you when your symbol moves left. If a note is missed, your symbol will slide to the right but you won't lose any points. When your symbol travels all the way to the left, you finish the level; if it does the reverse, you lose. Test your eye-hand coordination to get plenty of points by finishing every level! Pleasure yourself!

How to play

  • Click “Play” to start.
  • Use mouse to play.

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