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About Bob the Robber 1

Bob the Robber 1 is a free and highly popular adventure video game.
The objective of this game is to complete each level's robbery without drawing the attention of the authorities so that you can claim victory. In order to proceed, you will have to vanquish the security personnel and find a way to unlock the door. To open the door and disengage the mechanism that keeps it shut, you must first wait for the appropriate time and then place the latch into the space between the door and the frame of the door. At certain points throughout the game, you will be required to deactivate the laser. You have the option of remaining hidden in the shadows while you watch for the appropriate opportunity to eliminate the security personnel. On the other hand, if you get caught on one of the surveillance cameras, things might not go as simply as you anticipate! You may conceal yourself in the darkness, crouch down the stairs, or dash ahead and place yourself just underneath the camera if you want to avoid being discovered.
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