Combat 4


Combat 4 is an action-oriented first-person shooter with a chapter that pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. Following nuclear war, the only chance to avoid global devastation is in the hands of a few elite soldiers tasked with tracking down and rescuing the world's leaders from a terrifyingly familiar terrorist group.

The following are the game's features:

- Action shooter warfare: Feel the dramatic intensity of the story and see both sides of the story by taking on the role of the villain, Edward Page. With a new tactical movement system, you can dominate the battlefield.

- Experience an action-packed first-person shooter: With console-like graphics, lifelike animations, and dynamic objects, you can experience the chaos of war on the battlefield. The first Gameloft title to use the Havok Engine, which allows for incredible ragdoll effects. Warfare has never felt more real.

- Multiplayer game mode: Create your own online gameplay profile with an improved loadout system and over 20,000 weapon combinations. A redesigned skill specialization system.

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