Geometry Dash Anthropomorphosis


Prepare yourself mentally to face the surprises that lie ahead in Geometry Dash Anthropomorphosis. Conquer challenges with your ingenuity!

Geometry Dash Anthropomorphosis is an arcade game that requires many skills such as observation skills, movement skills, and situation handling skills. Here, you will have to carefully observe the obstacles ahead and be flexible in handling situations to avoid collisions with obstacles. The character must be able to move through and overcome all barriers without any collisions, otherwise the game will end immediately.

The sound effects in Geometry Dash Anthropomorphosis transition rapidly, immersing players in a fast-paced new experience. You will face many unexpected changes that are difficult to predict. The most important thing is that you must stay calm to overcome them. Play now!

How to play

  • To leap, press [up] [w] [space] or click on yellow rings.
  • Steer clear of the spikes.
  • Hold to fly up and let go to fly down in ship mode.
  • To leap high, strike a yellow pad.
  • To leap higher, press a blue pad (omitting a gravity portal).
  • Gather the coins to get additional points.
  • Toggle effects by pressing L (to lessen lag)

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