Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey


Take part in the energetic musical extravaganza of Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey and overcome multiple-level difficulties. Use your talents to jump over obstacles with ease.

In the thrilling adventure game Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey, players must show off their superior manipulation abilities in order to leap over obstacles. The struggle starts as soon as a catchy music starts. Tap while listening to music to get over time-consuming obstacles.

JerkRat/Creator JR and TamaN developed Geometry Dash Cosmic Journey. This game was made to help players develop their agility and skill. Additionally, it gives close consideration to the game's music, graphics, and effects. Every detail in its visuals is crisp and clear. The finest possible experience for gamers is promised with clear audio and seamless transition effects. Are you prepared? Play right now! 

How to play

  • Click the yellow circles and use the up arrow to jump.
  • Avoid stepping on the spikes.
  • In ship mode, hold to fly up and release to fly down.
  • Press L to switch the special effects on and off. 

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