Geometry Dash Descend


Geometry Dash Descend promises to bring players an exciting gaming experience in the Geometry Dash game series with unique features.

Highlights in Geometry Dash Descend

  • Transitional visual effects, diverse shades.
  • The scenes in the background will gradually disappear so players can focus on facing the challenges ahead.
  • Difficult challenges appear unexpectedly and have movements that make it difficult for players to move their hands.

Tips to win Geometry Dash Descend

In this game, players will need to show off many of their skills to win:

  • Observation skills:

Players must focus on observing the scenes ahead to see what obstacles are appearing before your eyes. These could be cogs, deep holes...

  • Prediction skills:

Nothing is impossible in Geometry Dash Descend. Maybe what's in front of you is static, but as you approach, it turns dynamic. Therefore, you will have to predict what will happen next to mentally prepare in advance and be ready to face all challenges here.

  • Operational and reflexive skills:

This is the most important skill to help you complete all challenges. You will have to stay calm to get through everything. But above all, you need to have good manipulation skills. If not, practice it a lot to become more agile.

How to play

  • To jump, use the up arrow and click.
  • Leap onto yellow rings.
  • Steer clear of the spikes
  • Hold to fly up and let go to fly down in ship mode.
  • Toggle the special effects by pressing L.

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