Geometry Dash Extreme Fantasy


The free video game Geometry Dash Extreme Fantasy is a popular kind of entertainment that receives good marks from players all over the world.
Your objective in this game is to time your jumps such that you land in the appropriate locations; the stage is exactly the same as the Clutterfunk level. It is important to note that there are multiple orbs and that moving through each one is required in order to progress. You will eventually experience a change in gravity, at which point you will need to avoid saws and spikes. The gravity shifts once more, and all that's required of you is to finish the first level. As the number of players grows, the difficulty of the level significantly increases, especially for novice players. Despite this, the site is not difficult to navigate. At the very conclusion of the level, you have to go through those pillars. And now comes the shadow stage, similar to the step but considerably more sophisticated. The presence of false blocks and trap spheres constitutes the primary obstacle at this level.
A simple spaceship that can adjust its gravity is currently on its way. After that, another spaceship arrived, and simultaneously, the gravitational pull shifted. This level is similar to the one in Cycles. It's pretty simple to use and shouldn't generate any issues.
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