Geometry Dash Running in the 90s


Geometry Dash Running in the 90s is a solo Easy Demon level that was designed, tested, and released by DanZmeN. This level has received a rating of 10 stars and 1 user coin. The beginning of the level consists of a sequence of double-speed cubes that switch back and forth between large and small cubes several times. This is followed by a sequence of double-speed ships that comes right before the drop. After that, the player will enter a wave section that has four times the normal speed, and in the background, there will be a figure running. The next part is a cube that is mirrored all around. Following that comes a miniature spider segment, and then after that is a little ball section with a fire motif. The following portion is an easier version of the twin mini-ball section seen in the Sonic Wave level.
After that, the player will experience a ship sequence with a rainbow motif, followed by a chunk with a UFO, a dual cube segment, a dual cube/ship segment, and then lastly a ball segment. An animation of a ship crashing into blocks will be followed by another animation of a ship with a rainbow-themed sequence. An animation of someone sprinting serves as the final scene of the level.
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