Geometry Dash Star Road


Enter a multi-dimensional and colorful space in Geometry Dash Star Road to conquer exciting and new challenges. Skillfully jump over obstacles.

Geometry Dash Star Road will bring you a new space with impressive challenges thanks to the game's investment in graphics and colors. The player will control a square block that moves and jumps over obstacles to complete the level. The impressive thing about this game lies in the diversity of space and color, giving players an extremely eye-catching experience when playing the game.

In Geometry Dash Star Road, the creator used a lot of rotating transition effects to continuously take players from one surprise to another, from one space to another. The background used for the game is dark, along with bright effects and details so players can focus absolutely on the game, providing the best possible gaming experience. You will go through many different scenes in the game. Many challenges with high difficulty need to be overcome to complete the levels. Look forward to its launch soon on our website!

How to play

  • Click “Play” to start.
  • Press the spacebar or use the mouse to adjust the movement.

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