Gun War Z2


Gun War Z2 is a popular zombie action game that features a ton of different levels that are packed with intriguing content.
Utilizing the police helicopter, your objective in this game is to fly around the area containing the survivors, eliminate any remaining enemies, and rescue your new friends. You, as the final chance for humanity, have the ability to scour cities for any remaining survivors and recruit them onto your squad in order to combat the most lethal virus that humanity has ever seen. Get in position, then begin pursuing the zombies with your weapon. Make an effort to score points in order to hasten the procedure and obtain additional points. You should make it your top priority to eliminate the zombies who have a caution sign overhead because they could strike at any moment. Keep your attention on getting humans and zombies as far apart as possible while maintaining your efforts to defend them until they reach the safe zone. Aim for the bonus symbols, as you will be able to use them in later stages.
Let's compete against one another in the game.

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