Hex A Wish Game


Playing the Hex A Wish Game is a well-liked activity that many individuals find to be enjoyable despite the fact that it is completely free.
In this fast-paced, exciting tale that takes place in space, the crew of the spacecraft decides to hold a competition so that they may all get together and have some fun. Would you be interested in taking part in the tournament that is currently taking place? You are required to continue running nonstop on the hexagonal panels that are situated on the one-of-a-kind platform that has been built with artificial gravity; if you stop running or slow down, you will fall off the platform. Because each hexagon that you touch disappears after about a second, you have to do all in your power to stay in this exhilarating arena for as long as possible. Your goal should be to maximize the length of time you spend here. You are permitted to take a total of two steps backward. If you are knocked unconscious three times in a row, your participation in the game will be terminated immediately.
You are able to participate.

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