Hex A Wish Game


Although participation in the Hex A Wish Game is completely free, many people do so nevertheless because they like it.
In this gripping and action-packed space thriller, the crew of the spacecraft decides to organize a competition so that they can all get together and have some fun. This thrilling, action-packed story takes place in space. Are you looking for something entertaining to do this weekend? Consider entering the competition that is presently taking place. To prevent falling off the platform, you must keep moving forward on the hexagonal panels that have been set there. If you stop or slow down, you'll fall off the platform. Each hex you touch vanishes about a second after it is touched, therefore you must make every effort to stay in this electric arena for as long as you can. Your aim should be to make the most of your time here. There can only be two counterclockwise rotations in total. If you are eliminated more than once in a row, your participation in the game will be immediately ended and you won't receive any compensation.
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