Human Vehicle


Have your friends in the Human Vehicle help you travel the distances! You are aware of the proverb "Two heads are better than one." And you'll have much more force to travel far when you join together with numerous of your buddies.
Now, get to work on finding ways your friends can help you finish all the paths!
You have the option of covering the entire trail by yourself. But if you ask any of us, that wouldn't make much sense when you had many friends flashing their hands in your direction.
You can gather your friends and proceed on your journey with each group you form. You can gather diamonds along with numerous other stick figure companions along the way. The diamond jewelry will enable you to purchase new skills so you can build various cars with your pals.
A motorcycle, an automobile, a hoverboard, and even a tour bus can all be constructed from a monowheel. Many of those vehicles will be unlocked for you, but you also always have the option to use diamonds to unlock new vehicles.
There will be some obstacles on your path that you'll run into. You will lose friends because of these hurdles, so gather enough pals from the path in advance.
Don't forget to receive more diamond presents at the conclusion of each level!
Visit the highway and complete all the levels while building your autos with your pals!

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