Hunted Wolf Defense Game


The Hunted Wolf Defense Game is not a first-person shooter that focuses on wolves, contrary to what its name might lead one to believe.
Instead, it is a tower defense game in which the characters are cartoons that have been drawn in three dimensions. The primary focus of this game is a tower defense mode that features cartoon animal characters rendered in three dimensions. You and a few other animals are trapped inside a residential area in a smaller town with nowhere to go. Building a defensive line should be your first priority if you want to maintain your life for as long as you possibly can in this situation. When you use your tower to vanquish the wolves, you will be able to earn gold coins and unlock new buildings. In order to be successful in the Hunted Wolf Defense Game, you will need to install cannons so that you can defend yourself, enhance the bed and door so that you can collect more resources, and install energy generators so that you can kill the wolf. Only then will you be able to claim victory.
Are you confident that you can survive the wolf's rage and emerge victorious from this situation?

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