Penguin Diner 2


Many people enjoy playing the free online game Penguin Diner 2 for amusement and fun.
In order to win this game, you must supply the customers with mouthwatering food and beverages in order to satisfy their needs. Right at the start of the game, a map of Penny's hometown is shown to you. You must advance through the game's stages and accomplish specific objectives in order to unlock each of the four districts. Customers will start to enter your restaurant as soon as the doors are opened. Click the customer you wish to sit down with, then click the table, to invite them to a table. Once seated, your customers will peruse the menu and raise their hands to you to indicate when they are ready to place an order. If you click on their table to ask Penny to serve them, you'll be able to see what they ordered. In a short while, the order will be prepared at the counter. You can pick up and deliver the food and drinks that your customers ordered to their tables by simply clicking on them and then tapping on their tables. You will have the chance to open up a number of improvements that will enhance your service.
Let's play the game and compete with each other.

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