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About Slope 3

Because Slope 3 was met with such resounding approval, we have decided to make the third iteration of the slope available for you to examine and become adept in. We hope that you will enjoy this new challenge as much as the previous two. We have high hopes that you will love taking on this fresh test! We have high hopes that you will find this new test to be just as enjoyable as the two that came before it. Your objective is to maintain control of the ball as it travels along the track in spite of the fact that there are a variety of barriers and obstructions in its path, such as tight tunnels, steep cliffs, and barricades... As you move farther into the level, the speed at which the ball rolls will grow, and this speed will continue to increase as you make progress toward your journey further into the level. You have to take immediate action if you want to prevent the ball from exploding as a direct result of the obstruction in the path that it is traveling because of the way that it is moving. If you truly want to avert the disaster, you will, without a doubt, have to do this.
Get ready to have thoughts that are as focused and resolute as it is humanly possible, so that you may make a play for the ball that will be exciting and fun. Get ready to make an exciting and wonderful play for the ball in order to accomplish this goal. This will require your whole attention.

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