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Are you prepared to play the spooky adventure game Sonic Exe? The green hedgehog must be guided over obstacles while you collect rings.
Sonic Exe by Adam Gavigan is a fascinating entry in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. To find and eliminate the Sonic character, enter the game and change into the green hedgehog Exterior. Numerous obstacles, including enemies and dangerous terrain, will prevent you from finishing the task. Your character will perish if you hit a monster. Additionally, the game is finished if you can't get through obstacles like lava, water, and spikes. Collect rings and other items along the road to reach the destination. Your character will be able to survive when they run into monsters or other hazards thanks to these helpful items. So let's start gathering as many rings as we can.
How to maintain
The back and forward motion is controlled by the arrow keys on your keyboard.
the Down arrow key to recline.
To leap, press the Z or X key.

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