With - Conquer the World, you can wipe all your opponents off the map. Use the numbers to your advantage and win every county in every state! Take on multiple enemies at once and turn them against each other to advance further in the competition. Prepare yourself for the first skirmish!
Choose the blue or red country and get ready to take over the map! Start with a limited area and work your way up to cover the whole world! To take control of a county, all it takes is to watch the county accumulate a certain number of residents, then move those residents to another county. Keep your hand on your district center as you move it across the map to the area you want to conquer. You can track the movements of your warriors even as your centers continue to produce more warriors. Build your strategy, and then sit still until the opponent is most vulnerable. Conquering uninhabited areas near your base is another good place to start if you want to multiply your production rate and increase your numbers faster than your opponents. Monetize your wins and use that money to improve your starting numbers, speed, and passive income. Unlock new features and customize your army to suit your needs to earn gifts and advance in the game.
Let's compete with each other in the game.

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