StickMan Team Force


Not taking advantage of the chance to play StickMan Team Force would be a mistake.
You significantly contribute to the victories of the remainder of your squad when you engage in combat and finally defeat every one of your opponents. If you wish to prevail in every battle, you must keep firing your weapons, switch characters when you feel it is necessary, and employ your special attacks. You can only then hold out hope for success. Each of the game's 18 levels offers a unique set of challenges for you to overcome as you go. You can choose from any of these levels. At the end of each level, you will gain coins, and you may use those coins to buy upgrades for your team's health, weapon, and power attributes. Coins are awarded at the conclusion of each level. Coins will be given to you after you complete each level. Let the fighting begin, and our first task is to identify which front is most likely to come under our control quickly.
Let's all participate in the game.

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