Stickman World War


Prepare yourself for Stickman World War, a fun and exciting two-dimensional strategy game! The journey will take you through a variety of settings and genres, including the apocalypse, cyberpunk, and even the Star Wars universe. Use a wide variety of powerful weapons and military vehicles to fend off attacks from your adversaries while protecting your stronghold. In addition to this, when the moment is appropriate, sneak into enemy territory and destroy their base. There are more than fifty enthralling tasks waiting for you to complete!
However, that is not all that can be done; the arsenal also allows you to make your army and oil workers even more powerful. Strengthening their metrics will make them more resilient, safer, and more effective at acquiring oil money. The shop also has some fantastic short-term benefits, like as increasing the amount of money your employees earn or allowing you to drop carpet bombs on the yard of your adversary.
Survival mode is an extremely difficult mode that puts both your tactical prowess and the size of your army to the test. If you are able to hold off waves of enemies for longer periods of time, you will earn more money, which can be used to upgrade your forces and bases.
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