The Baby in Yellow 2


In order to provide fans of the mystery space adventure game with the content they require, the developers of The Baby in Yellow 2 have made the game's second chapter available for download. You will come across a young man who is staring at you with eyes that are really unsettlingly huge while wearing a yellow T-shirt. He will be looking at you quite intently.
As soon as you turn the first page, you must immediately begin providing for your child in a variety of different ways in order to properly care for him or her. This young child must be encouraged to play, fed whenever it displays signs of hunger, and tucked into bed whenever it demonstrates signs of exhaustion. After your workout, it is important that you take some time to unwind.
When your youngster is snoozing in his or her own room, you should be sure to remember to lock the door and turn off the lights.
Let's get the game started right now, shall we?

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