Geometry Dash NIEVE


Transform into a superhero, pilot a spaceship and overcome all obstacles in Geometry Dash NIEVE. Move skillfully to your destination safely.

Geometry Dash NIEVE is an addictive arcade game in which the player will control a character who moves skillfully and safely reaches the destination to pass each level. The character in the game will initially have a square shape, but after a distance of travel, it will transform into different shapes such as cogs, spaceships, superheroes... Along with that The scenes are constantly changing, the continuous change in effects will also make players excited. Play now and enjoy!

How to play

  • To leap, press [up] [w] [space] or click on yellow rings.
  • Steer clear of the spikes.
  • Hold to fly up and let go to fly down in ship mode.
  • To leap high, strike a yellow pad.
  • To leap higher, press a blue pad (omitting a gravity portal).
  • Gather the coins to get additional points.
  • Toggle effects by pressing L (to lessen lag)

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